Northern Silence

● In nature, sound is heard and gracefully fades away. In contrast, in environments built by humans, sound echoes and reverberates. Spaces are filled with disruptive noises, unpleasant clamor, and din.

That’s where “Mölinä” comes in – inspired by the tranquility and forms of nature, it brings northern serenity to the noisy world.

The collection consists of acoustic panels, workstations, and space dividers whose materials and natural shapes disperse and soften sounds in spaces where many of us spend a significant part of our day.

The goal of these products is to help address the challenges of future workspaces – whether it’s the disruptive noise in open offices, the shift to digital environments, or the increasing demand for versatility in spaces.

Designed with a focus on design, Mölinä considers aesthetics and the environment. The products are made in Finland from recycled PES fiber.

The collection allows personalized interior solutions, as almost every product can be customized according to the customer’s preferences in terms of size, color, and material.

Mölinä creates individualized spaces that support people’s well-being. Offices that provide personal peace and are adaptable for communal use. Environments where it feels good to be.

Modern design from the
plains of South Ostrobothnia

Mölinä originates from the plains of South Ostrobothnia. There, you can find the roots of both the creators, the spirit of craftsmanship, and the inspiration for the products: a love for the surrounding peace.

The story begins when Timo Hoisko and Matti Korpela received an invitation to participate in the EcoDesign exhibition held in Helsinki in 2009.

The men, both from the same town, had known each other for several years. Coincidentally, they had followed a similar educational path: first studying as carpenters and then as designers in the same institutions.

During the trip, it became apparent that they had very similar thoughts about design. The idea of collaboration was born, and in 2015, Hoisko and Korpela founded KO-HO Industrial Design Ltd.

From the beginning, KO-HO has been engaged in industrial design and subcontracting for various industries. At the core is a distinct style, a passion for creating excellent products, and strong technological expertise. KO-HO also has a versatile range of machinery, allowing for the processing of various materials, prototype manufacturing, and mass production.

Typical of the products designed by Hoisko and Korpela is that they reflect the quiet environment in which they originated. Often, the best ideas comes driving to work while admiring the beautiful and diverse landscapes of South Ostrobothnia.

Today, KO-HO operates in the former dairy facilities in Ilmajoki, which is over a hundred years old. The tranquility of the dairy located between the Kyrönjoki River and the cultivated plains adds its own nuances to the design and product development.

The peace of their own working environment also served as motivation to start producing acoustic products that would help minimize noise and other disturbances, common problems in many workplaces.

And so, Mölinä was born – acoustic solutions inspired by the silence of the north for the workplaces of the future.

Design is everything to us

Design is everything to us, and it is evident in Mölinä’s products as well. It is not enough for us that the products fulfill their function in space and acoustics management. They must also be aesthetically pleasing.

Especially in acoustic panels, design holds great value, and our goal is to manufacture the most stylish acoustic panels in Finland.

We design our products boldly yet calmly, taking into account the unique properties of the material.

In customization, only imagination is the limit

We genuinely want to help our customers meet the demands of space and acoustics management. That’s why we gladly customize our products according to the customer’s preferences.

If a designer has a specific color or shade in mind, we are ready to work towards ensuring that the product comes out exactly as desired. Or if an architect has a preference for a panel of a certain shape, that can be accomplished as well.

We use the same software as our customers, and we can visualize all solutions.

We are enthusiastic about ambitious projects that require effort. In fact, such projects are the most interesting – and usually, the best in terms of the end result.

Ostrobothnian expertise

Although we manufacture products on an industrial scale, our work is characterized by a strong do-it-yourself principle.

The combination of design expertise and an extensive range of machinery means that we can do everything ourselves: from design and product development to production.

The skills acquired in carpentry training, along with an understanding of technology, ensure that the products we design can be realistically and cost-effectively manufactured.

The result is high-quality Finnish products, the journey of which from the design table to the customer does not need to be guessed.

Sustainable use of resources

It is important for us to reduce the environmental impact of our production. We incorporate recycled materials into our products, sourced from both consumer and industrial waste.

Mölinä’s products are made from PET fiber produced in Finland, derived from recycled plastic bottles.

This material not only contributes to reducing environmental impact but also offers durability and flexibility, enabling a diverse range of shapes and variations in Mölinä’s products.

Looking towards the future

At the core of our work is an open mind and a forward-looking approach.

We don’t believe that anything is ever truly finished. That’s why we don’t want to lock ourselves into a specific way of doing things or elevate one material above others.

We always strive to learn, improve, and contribute to raising the level of modern Finnish design.

Detail of the dark grey ZEN panel.

Behind the story

Mölinä was founded by designers Matti Korpela and Timo Hoisko in Ilmajoki, Finland.

Matti Korpela
Co-founder, Designer

Timo Hoisko
Co-founder, Designer